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Allow Yourself 
Free Masterclass 
for Actors & Creatives
- Creators of the Now

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How much are you allowing yourself?

And I mean not in a half way, but endlessly?

And what does this to your personal development and career?


How can you discover within yourself everything that you are seeking externally?

What does it truly mean to create your live out of your divine source within you?

And how do you transpose this in your career, your projects, your auditions, your acting, your writing, your projects, or even your business, if you have one or if you're in the process of building one?

How can you find peace and create what you desire from there? 

It's about perceiving
Being Aware




I invite you to a free masterclass on June 1st at 7 PM - CET

Allow yourself 
Free Masterclass


Zoom call - with recording

All it takes is to sign up here,

then you will receive the link for the Zoom call.

Duration approximately 2 to 3 hours

I'm looking forward to seeing you!


About me...

My name is Dafne-Maria Fiedler.
Primarily I am an actress myself,
presenter, singer & now as a coach also founder of my own business.

And more than 4 years I have been accompanying actors, writers, directors and other creative people,

but also people from classical business professions, management or social professions

in personal and professional life issues.

It is always about finding out what the next step is for personal development, 

the individual next level.

I love to accompany you there. 

And to experience with you what is possible when you not only realize that you are in truth an infinite being,
but also live this truth.

What can happen then is beyond words and above all "beyond logic", "beyond linear", in any case beyond that,

beyond what the mind can conceive.

"What happens here is not normal at all..."

Dina Hellwig
Podcast Owner & Writer

YES, I would love to join the free Masterclass on June 1st - 19.00

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